It’s been a while since I posted an update about the progress of my specialization project. Last time I added depth of field, but more has been added in the meanwhile!

I added a particle system that handles the floating of some small debris, it’s just floating around, rotating randomly, doing it’s thing. It’s just one texture for now made by me to test it, but it will get some variation later on.

I also, or rather redid the lightshafts, the previous implementation looked nice, but due to the fact that nothing from above (not counting the occasional fish perhaps) is blocking the light source, leaving a very overexposed scene without many shafts. So instead, I did them manually. They’re simple planes with alpha. They still need to be tweaked a lot to make a nice and convincing effect, but it’s starting to look like something!

The latest thing I added are flocking (or shoaling/schooling if you want to be precise) groups of fish. The basic behavior is implemented, but they need a lot of tweaking to becoming more convincing (not to mention implementing animation for them, which will be in soon). They’re not really bound, so they still occasionally move through the ground or above the water.

Next to the above changes, I also made a distinction between upper and lower water surface, so the depth fall off (Depth of Field) is only active when you’re below the water surface and the particles stay below the water surface. Also the models have had an update!

Here’s the result so far: