Project Description

This is a game made in a group of 7 people (2 programmers, 4 artists and 1 designer) in roughly 14 days in Unity3D as a student project. The aim of this student project is to deliver a fully working game within this given time period.

The tasks I had in this project:

  • Creating a particle manager
  • Creating an audio manager
  • In game GUI handling
  • Menu
  • Rim shader
  • Animation handles (for use in Mecanim)
  • Shark behaviour
  • Waves of blocks
  • Camera behaviour
  • Dynamic weather simulation
  • General configuration manager
  • Player feedback system
  • Tutorial

It’s based on the original Super Puzzle Platformer game, recently released on steam.

It is a platformer game in which the player tries to stay alive as long as possible, to get the highest score by destroying blocks and collecting coins.