Project Description

As part of my internship at Digital Dreams, I have been working on the game: Metrico.

Metrico is a puzzle game with platforming elements that makes use of so called “input morphing”. Input morphing means that all kinds of input, ranging from the player character walking in the game to physical input from the player, will have an impact on the game world. This impact comes in two variants:

  • Environment altering that prevents the player from progressing in a linear sense so the player has to take his or her actions in consideration. This is the puzzle element of the game where the player needs to solve the puzzles by carefully considering its input.
  • Environment altering from a pure aesthetical viewpoint where the actions of the player have no direct impact on the gameplay.

The game has been released for the Playstation Vita exclusively.

During my internship I got full responsibility over the graphics programming side of the game. I was in charge of creating all the shaders that define the look of the game as well as all the visual effects that happen in the game. Next to graphics programming and visual effects, I also helped with game play programming where needed and did my share of optimizing where needed.